4 Greatest Benefits of Technology for Seniors

It’s understandable that many seniors can become overwhelmed and frustrated in their attempts to keep up with the ever-changing advancements in technology. Even though repeatedly having to learn how to operate the latest and greatest in the tech world is a pain, technology still takes a tremendous strain off of today’s seniors and their loved ones. While there are numerous ways that technology can assist seniors with maintaining a simpler and more fulfilled life, we will focus on the 4 greatest benefits of technology for seniors.

1. Socialization

One of the largest benefits that modern technology has afforded us is the ability to communicate and socialize with the most minimal effort. Tablets and smartphones offer seniors an easy-to-use device that can be programmed to work around their own personal needs, such as displaying larger buttons, icons, and brighter screens for the visually impaired.

Additionally, there’s the option to have texts, emails, and other documents read out loud by the device instead of having to squint over tiny words manually. Texting, social media, and video chat apps are numerous, and most are inexpensive, if not free, allowing seniors to easily keep in contact with their friends and loved ones even if they aren’t able to leave their homes regularly

This availability to communicate with others helps seniors combat feelings of depression and isolation, which are common to seniors living alone. 

2. Safety

Advancements in technology have made it so that no senior has to fear being alone in their own home, and no family member has to constantly worry about allowing their loved senior to do so. Personal monitoring devices can do everything from monitoring the wearer’s motion, sleep, location, and care patterns so that an alert can be sent to family members if a change is noticed. Seniors can call for help with the simple press of a button.

There are also several fantastic wireless home security systems that link up to apps so that family members receive notifications if doors or windows aren’t locked, or if an intruder is detected in the senior’s home. Even if a family member is across the country, they can still monitor and protect their loved ones.

3. Entertainment

Along with numerous game and hobby apps that could be downloaded on a senior’s smartphone or tablet, there are several high-quality movie and TV streaming services that are quite easy to use and can be streamed to phones, tablets, or TVs to pass the time and offer entertainment. With the introduction of smart TVs, it’s now possible to purchase a television for a senior that has streaming service apps already installed into them so that seniors can easily access all of their favorite shows and films with one easy-to-use remote.

4. Convenience

Thanks to modern technology, it’s a breeze to shop for your groceries or other desired items online or through an app and have them delivered to your own front door. There are several services that allow seniors to simply press a button if they require a refill of anything from paper towels to peanut butter, and the items will be dropped at the senior’s home.

No shoes, no car, and no assistance required! Technology also allows for several other apps, such as quick transportation services, prescription refills, and meal delivery services.