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Ask Alexa

Who would think that a small round disk on the table could become a big help to today’s seniors? That is, IF you know how to properly use all the features of this great technology to make a difference in your life. The device responds to the name Alexa. It’s estimated that more than 25% of US households own some version of Alexa. Most of these households use Alexa for music, time, weather or to tell them when the turkey is done on Thanksgiving. They aren’t getting the full benefit of how it helps simplify everyday activities. Many households that have Alexa consist of older adults and disabled individuals living alone. Alexa can improve their lives if they know how to use it. Inspired by my own experience with an aging mother, the Alexa devicee became a major part of her safety and wellbeing. It can help all of us with so much more than we think!

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