About us

Our Story


SeniorPeer.com was founded from a deeply personal experience—the challenge of remotely caring for an aging parent who faced significant health issues. Our founder’s mother who lived 370 miles away, battling  several major medical problems and refused to leave her beloved home. This situation highlighted the critical need for effective remote support for seniors and the issues they face when aging in place. Driven by this journey, SeniorPeer.com was established to offer comprehensive solutions for seniors and their caregivers.

At SeniorPeer.com, we believe in breaking down the barriers that prevent seniors from living
engaged and fulfilled lives no matter their stage of life. Our approach is holistic, addressing not just the physical needs of aging but also the social, emotional, and mental aspects. We use technology to create an environment where age or health is not a barrier but a testament to a rich life and a future full of potential.


Whether you will be a caregiver, are a caregiver, or have been a caregiver, SeniorPeer enhances your senior years or caregiving journey with technolog


Develop and identify technologies for seniors and caregivers to:
• Improve Well-being
• Improve Safety
• Improve Health
• Improve Communication