Food and Nutrition

Alexa and Thanksgiving

Create special holiday lists

“Alexa create a Thanksgiving grocery list”.

Find recipes from your Allrecipes and Food Network.

”Alexa open All Recipes”.

”Alexa open Food Network”.

“Alexa ask Turkey Planner how long it will take to cook a 12-pound turkey”.

“Alexa, ask Turkey Planner what size of turkey is needed for 10 people”.

“Alexa tell me Thanksgiving recipes”.

Timers – Name multiple timers

“Alexa, start a {time}{food name} timer”.

Example: Alexa, start a 2 1/2-hour turkey timer.

Example: Alexa, create a yams timer for 30 minutes.

“Alexa, how much time is left on the turkey timer”?

“Alexa how much time is left on the turkey timer”?”Alexa tell me a Thanksgiving joke”.