Ask Alexa: A Senior Guide To Alexa


Ask Alexa is an easy-to-read and understand tech guide created with seniors in mind and is composed in such a way that is simple to follow. The book aims to provide readers with plenty of helpful suggestions and multiple ideas on how to take advantage of Alexa to be mentally alert, safe and independent.

In the book you will find:

Skills and commands categorized by daily activities and physical condition

·   Food and Nutrition ·  Medication ·   Loneliness ·   Memory
·   Entertainment ·  Safety and Security ·   Accessibility ·   Transportation
·   Wellness, Physical Fitness, Exercise ·  Faith, Meditation; Sleep Sounds ·   Weather, News; Traffic ·   Pets
·   In-home Monitoring

Also, 10% of earnings from the book will be set aside to help seniors obtain assistive devices.