Ring Alarm Pro, 14-piece home security system kit


Ring Alarm 14-piece kit includes one Alarm Pro Base Station, two Keypads, eight Contact Sensors for windows/doors, two Motion Detectors for hallways/rooms, and one Alarm Range Extender. This kit is great for up to 1,500 sq. ft. home. Set up your Ring Alarm kit by plugging in your base station, connecting your WIFI via the Ring app, and placing your sensors in critical locations.

This ring alarm kit was developed to be do-it-yourself. You can arm and disarm the system with your voice. Alexa Guard is FREE and can send notifications to your smartphone in the event of mobile alerts from the sound of broken glass or smoke alarms. Alexa Guard Plus, a subscription service, provides trained agents who can request emergency responders in emergency situations. Alexa Guard Plus also provides 24/7 backup internet for your security devices and electronics like your laptop, cell phone and smart TV.


Just Ask,

“Alexa I’m leaving”. Activates Alexa Guard

“Alexa I’m home”. Deactivate Alexa Guard