Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Smartwatch with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health, Fitness, Running, Sleep Cycles, GPS Fall Detection


The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 LTE, in its sleek 46mm US version, emerges as a key ally for both caregivers and seniors, enhancing freedom while prioritizing safety and health. This advanced smartwatch is equipped with an ECG monitor and trackers for health, fitness, running, and sleep cycles. It offers vital real-time health monitoring features, including heart rate and blood pressure tracking, which are essential for older adults and their caregivers to stay updated on health conditions. Additionally, its medication reminders and fall detection capabilities form a protective layer, ensuring timely support for seniors whenever necessary.
The Galaxy Watch4 Classic enables comprehensive health and fitness tracking, makes accessing handy features and apps convenient directly from your wrist, and acts as an extension of your smartphone for productivity and communication on the go.
Benefits of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic:
• Advanced health tracking including body composition analysis, sleep monitoring, ECG for atrial fibrillation detection, and workout tracking for 6 activities.
• Fitness features like VO2 max measurement to track cardio fitness and live coaching sessions.
• Convenience of Google services and apps like Google Pay, Google Maps, YouTube, Bixby or Google Assistant on your wrist.
• Seamlessly connects to your smartphone for calling, messaging, streaming music and more.